Anomaly Literary Journal

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Due to GDPR guidelines in the UK, we ask that you do not give us your home address, any phone number or any extra information that we have not asked for. Your name, your submission and a short bio suffices. We do not want nor will we ever use any other information. We do not send out newletters, we have no use for your personal information and we ask that you do not supply it. 

We read submissions all year round- but due to the vast amount of submissions we receive, our Submittable account shuts down monthly, very rapidly so if we're closed for submissions it means we've hit our limit for that month! If you miss a deadline, your work will automatically be considered for the next issue. Our response times vary but it is generally about six weeks.

Please only submit ONCE per issue. Submit all your work in one file, please. Structure  your submissions EXACTLY as you'd see them in a book. Do not double–space, do not double–space after a full stop/period. Otherwise this takes us a lot of time to correct that does not need to be taken–  and if you do, we will not be happy. We'll love you for abiding by this and it's very easy, really. 

If you are not accepted for publication, wait until we are reading for the  subsequent issue. It helps us with backlog and we will very much appreciate you for it! A short, professional cover letter is appreciated with 50-100 word third person bio. 

If you're submitting fiction or non–fiction, a synopsis is not needed. Don't ruin it for us. 

Please take care to submit according to our guidelines. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to  pay our contributors at present. Read our guidelines on the website in full. 

Before submitting please take some time to have a read through of Anomaly Literary Journal's previous issues to familiarise yourself with the various styles of work we are looking for. Thanks for submitting, we look forward to reviewing your work!

Anomaly Literary Journal